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Dairy Management - Economic Evaluation of CholiPEARL

Economic Evaluation of CholiPEARL Use on Preventing Subclinical Ketosis

Nuno Gaspar, Kemin and Victor E. Cabrera, UW-Madison Dairy Science


This tool calculates the Return Over Investment of a given technology that claims to be effective preventing a disease (Subclinical Ketosis) with known economic effects.

Losses associated with subclinical ketosis


Dosis by day
Number of Preventive Treatment days by lactation
Daily diet cost per cow R$ 000
Monthly Preventive Treatment costs R$ 000
Daily treatment costs/cow R$ 000
Total Treatment Cost/cow R$ 000

Economic evaluation of CholiPEARL use

Disease Costs Total, R$ Per Lactating cow, R$
Without Use 000 000
With Use 000 000
Difference 000 000
Annual Savings R$ 000
Product use ROI 000

Overview of farm economic results

Milk Production costs R$ 000
Milk Production on farm, kg/month 000
Average Lactation Number 000
Milk by lactation, kg 000
Milk produced all life, kg 000
Investment Amortization, R$/cow
Others (electricity, medic, vet, etc), R$
Monthly Revenue R$ 000
Monthly Gross Margin R$ 000