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Dairy Management - Bulk Tank SCC and Milk Value

Bulk Tank SCC and Milk Value

V.E. Cabrera, UW-Madison Dairy Science

Tool Overview

This tool integrates user-defined milk bulk tank, SCC premium/penalty schedule together with milk price, and individual cow SCC and production to determine the potential economic impact of retiring milk from some high SCC cows. The value of the milk tank is an aggregated of milk production volume times milk price. The latter, milk price, depends on the level of bulk tank SCC. Therefore, it could make sense to retire some high SCC milk in order to increase the milk price. Increased milk price could offset the milk production not shipped for sale. Additionally, milk not sold could be used internally in the farm as feed for calves after pasteurization. Reusing high SCC milk increases the value of the production and therefore the possibility of retire high SCC milk. Retiring the milk of high SCC cows will always decrease the bulk tank SCC. This tradeoff is numerically illustrated with this tool. Users are encouraged to use their own herd data.

Is it worth to retire milk from high SCC cows out ot the tank?

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SCC Premium price
SCC (*1000) ($/lb)
0 to 99
100 to 149
150 to 199
200 to 249
250 to 299
300 to 349
350 to more

Monthly Herd Test Data

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